Renaming database - a bug?


A few days back I decided to merge two databases in just one. Let’s name them DB1 and DB2 just for the purpose of reporting the steps…

Here’s what I did:

  1. I exported the folders+files from DB1 to the desktop (using the File>Export) and then imported them (File>Import) to DB2. All worked fine.

  2. Then I renamed DB2 (now a merge of DB1 and DB2) as DB3. No problem. I use Quicksilver to launch my .dtBase and when I call DB3 it opens the right (renamed) DB3.dtbase. On finder the name is also DB3.

However, and here is the small problem, when I’m inside the DB3 and look at the name on the top of the app window, instead of seeing DB3, I see DB2. It seems that internally DTPO (I’m using the trial) didn’t update the name of the .dtBase.

Is this a bug? And, if so, is this a general bug to all DTs or is it particular to DTPO?

– MJ

Just change the internal name via the File > Database Properties panel to whatever you like.


That was easy.


– MJ