Renaming indexed iCloud group on one computer causes it to disappear on other computer

No, in DEVONthink

Are you able to reproduce this using a new database and a new folder?

Yes, I am able to reproduce.

  • Both Macs have shared iCloud folder: Webclips1 containing 4 pdf files
  • Mac1: I index Webclips1 and see it as a group in DT
  • Mac2: I index Webclips1 and see it as a group in DT
  • Mac1: Within DT, add file to Webclips1 group
  • Mac2: Update indexed items, and new file appears in DT Webclips1 group
  • Mac1: Within DT, rename group Webclips1 to Webclips2, notice corresponding folder in Finder is now Webclips2
  • Mac2: Webclips1 group still visible in DT, but folder in Finder is now Webclips2
  • Mac2: In DT I click File > Update Indexed Items and Webclips2 group disappears, but Webclips2 folder is Finder remains

Is this specifically shared or are you just saying it’s an iCloud folder synced via your iCloud account?

The two Macs are logged in with different Apple IDs.

I don’t want to log into my work computer with my personal Apple ID, but I want to access the DT database from both my personal and work computer. So a few months ago I set it up that way per our conversation here: Sync to work computer while maintaining privacy - #6 by BLUEFROG

Was the database actually synchronized from Mac 1 to 2 before updating the indexed items? The sync should rename the group and update its path so that updating indexed items works as expected afterwards.

I’m not sure how to tell if DT synchronized on its own.

The ‘Synchronize Database’ sub menu under File is greyed out on both Macs

It should be actually enabled if there’s at least one sync location and a main window.

Well, I’m not sure where to go from here in figuring out if it’s a DT bug or something else.

I can work around the problem of renaming a group (which I don’t do often anyway) by creating a new group and moving the files.

Thanks for all the help!

Please try this:

  1. Rename an indexed group on Mac 1.
  2. Synchronize Mac 1 and then (!) Mac 2 manually.
  3. Is the group in (!) DEVONthink renamed, is the path the expected one? See Info inspector.
  4. Use File > Update Indexed Items on Mac 2. Does the issue still happen?

Thank you!

The menu item

File > Synchronize Database

is greyed out on both Macs before I try to do anything. Also greyed out after quiting and restarting DT.

What’s visible in the frontmost window?

Is this what you’re asking for?

Is there anything shown in the Activity window? A screenshot of Preferences > Sync would be useful too. BTW: The easiest way to create screenshots is via Cmd-Shift-3 or Cmd-Shift-4.

There are no entries in the Activity window

One weird thing is with the File menu selected like in the previous post, I can toggle the Synchronize Database sub-menu item where it’s not greyed out if I press the Shift key.

Here’s the sync preferences:

Please post a screen capture with the sync location selected. Thanks.

The Code database was selected in the sidebar but isn’t synchronized according to the preferences. That’s why File > Synchronize Database is disabled.

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Hi, maybe I misunderstood when I set up the database per this thread:

I don’t have that checkbox checked because I assumed both Macs had to be on the same iCloud account for me to check it. Mac1 is my personal Mac logged in with my personal iCloud id. Mac2 is a work Mac logged in with a work iCloud id.

So if I understand this right, files on the Code database have been syncing because every group in the Code db is indexed, and sync is happening through the shared iCloud folder between the two Apple ids (and thus DT on each Mac).

But for renaming groups via DT to work, I need to check the sync checkbox for Code even though the Macs with the Code DB are different apple ids? Or alternatively rename in Finder and let the change sync that way?

Let me know if I’m not understanding the situation correctly.

If the machines are signed into different Apple IDs, they are syncing to their own alloted space on Apple’s servers. They cannot and will not sync together.

Renaming the indexed group or folder should propagate between machines.

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