Rendered Markdown and F5

I have set F5 to Set Name As. That works fine with every document type I have used it so far except for rendered Markdown.

The function itself, wether applied by the drop down or the context menu works as expected. Just F5 seems to be blocked somehow.

Is there a Markdown function linked to F5 already that I can unlink?

No, there is no key bound to F5 for Markdown documents. I’m not seeing any issue using the standard hotkey Control-Command-I.

But it doesn’t work with F5 for you either, does it?

F5 happens to be my standard hotkey. I use it in all apps that offer Set Name As, often named slightly different, but that does not matter.

No it’s not but @cgrunenberg would have to comment if he’s aware of anything.

DEVONthink doesn’t use function keys on its own except F7 (see View > Fullscreen > Document), therefore I’m not aware of any issues as the user-defined shortcuts are handled by the system.