Rendered view of Internet Bookmark

Hi All,

What I’m trying to do: I run a few D&D games and want to easily search for monsters by level, using multiple different source’s.

I think there are two ways to do it, neither are great.

Option 1, split the source material by page and add tags to every document, and use that to search. This works (but creates 100’s of 1 page PDF’s) as long as the material doesn’t go across multiple pages. That’s not always the case.

Option 2, use x-devonthink-item://UUID?page=6 to create an Internet Location linking to all the things I care about. I can add my tags to the entry as well. The issue here is that DT won’t render the page, so I can’t quickly skim the data without going to the source.

Are there any other options I’m not aware of, or any tips to make the others work? Thanks!

What does this item link actually link? A PDF like in option 1? However, another option might be to use a search set in DEVONagent to search the online resources.

Attached is what an Internet Location looks like.

It links to a specific page inside a PDF inside my database.

Can I use DEVONagent to search my local databases? A lot of the resources aren’t available online, or you need to login to see the content.

It’s indeed a bookmark but not an Internet location, it’s a link to an item in a database. Right now it’s only possible to view the linked document/page after opening the bookmark.