Repeated pasting into a Markdown file not working

I think there’s a bug with DTTG currently. I’ve experienced it over a couple of days and it occurs each time this action occurs.

If you copy text from an app external to DTTG and then go to DTTG and create a new markdown file with the pasted text, this works as expected.

If you then leave DTTG and copy more text, then come back to the same file, it won’t paste the new text, or it will paste it and then not save it in the file (if you come out of edit mode, the second addition of text disappears. If you re-open in edit mode, your second amend is gone.).

This occurs whether you come out of edit mode after your first paste, or if you stay in edit mode.

If you get annoyed and try and do it multiple times, you eventually trigger repeated appearances of the “Allow DTTG the paste from other apps” message. Then you have to close DTTG entirely and go have a cup of tea.

Thanks for the report!
I have confirmed the strang ebehavior and am filing in issue on it.

If you add another linebreak after the pasted text, does it then render?


An excellent trick! It does work and is fine as a workaround whilst you’re on your bug hunt :beetle:

Thank you!

Awesome and thanks for confirming that :heart: :slight_smile: