Replace FileMaker as template maker

I use(d) to use FileMaker for writing otter and faxes. Great when you want to send the same letter to several persons. Now 13 that I bought two years ago is no longer supported in El Capitan and tired of paying 200 bucks for upgrades all the time.

Can DTPO serve as a template for letters? Know Word can do it but hate subsriptions so boycott Microsoft apps.

DEVONthink can be used to make templates. I’d suggest reading the “Templates” topic in Help or the manual. These are not “fill-in” templates as in FileMaker or Word, and there is no feature to merge an address list with the document to personalize each document.

Sounds interesting. Did the otter write back?

Thanks Korm.

Meant letter.

Funny since I am a a volontair at the local Zoo here and Otters are my department and did a persona test and it seems that I am an Otter!

I might have to live with another 197 bucks from FileMaker then

TextExpander might be able to fit the bill. You can create templates that automatically expand and provide you with fill-in forms that you tab through to complete. Not sure if that’s what you are looking for or not.

They switched to subscriptions too though.

Thanks. I have text expander but dumped them because of the subscriptions.

Yea, I thought not. If you have any proclivity towards scripting Dr. Bunsen wrote an article a few years about about automating letter creation, it’s highly technical though, and might not be what you are looking for.

Also, I love the idea of writing letters to otters and foxes. “How are things in the woods?” “Are those rabbits still giving you problems?” “I hear the den is coming along nicely, can’t wait to visit!”

It looks like Open Office is a possibility – at least as a free alternative to Word.

I think Pages for Mac actually might be able to do templates. Will look. Thanks for all answers!

Was at the Zoo today talking to my Otter :wink: