Replacement for NEAT and ScanSnap receipts

Any template for excel import, ScanSnap scan or pdf import to develop a receipt program. Allowing searchable pull downs for accounts, venders, etc.

Welcome @iciarch

  1. Excel files can be imported and viewed, but not edited.
  2. ScanSnap Home can send scans to DEVONthink via the Send to option in a scan profile.
  3. PDFs can be imported.
  4. Look into Help > Documentation > Preferences > Data for a discussion about creating custom attributes for arbitrary metadata.
  5. It’s unclear in what you’re referring to “any template”.

Thank you, this gives me a nice starting point. The “any template” was my search for a DT3 skeleton of a basic receipt data base that I could start customizing. This approach was initiated after NEAT tried to force a cloud solution which I did not want to participate, Finding Paperless and other systems wanting. I settled on ScanSnap, with usage issues concerning the lack of sorting drop down material. The new Home development from Fujitsu presented other issue. So here I am looking into a custom made solution.

Thank you again

Could you explain what you are searching for?

With smart rules DT3 can search through the OCR content of receipts, like searching for known company names and append that name to the filename of your scan.

If you want to go one (or several) step(s) further, you can adjust the Applescript that applies regular expressions to search for content. This does require some understanding of the bash version of the streamline editor sed.

I managed to have a script look through receipts and match the total amount paid on receipts. Bear in mind though that it requires time and effort to get to an acceptable level and once in a while the OCR content adds a line break where there isn’t one on paper etc.

If you start understanding regular expressions though, the opportunities are endless.

Hi iciarch…did you ever figure this out as iI am also looking to replace Neat, Paperless, all the other lame apps out there. Trying to get back to the original legacy version of Neat for mac which was powerful and very customizable. Having a “template” to start from would be oh so welcome.

The short answer is no. Using SnapScan receipts. Effort to program was more then I was willing to pay. I just adjusted how I use the info I had.

Good luck