Replacing OneNote by DT3

Hi there,
I’m intending to replace OneNote by notes in DT3.
However I use to often paste screenshots in OneNote and I’m wondering how to manage that in DT3.
Do you have any recommendation, or best practices to share? And which format would be better, markdown, rich text, formatted notes?
Thanks for your advice…

Type iOS Notes
Markdown Native Easy to link, especially when the file and images are grouped
RTFD Non-native RTFD files are read only in DEVONthink To Go
Formatted Notes Native This can be used but there is a file size limit of 10MB for formatted notes

Note: For rich text and formatted notes, images ideally should be resized before importing - on Mac or mobile.

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OneNotes is a sink without end. It is specially designed to accept anything but not to release it. More on that, its incredible powerful search engine is the best of the world (ahem), not counting that so and then (more so than then, more in macOS than in Windows), use to corrupt data. it is fast like a rheumatic turtle, and a large etcetera.

But there is a way to extract stored notes. Painfully, one by one, you can install Windows version (perhaps in a virtual machine) and then print each page as PDF. The difference between doing that in Windows from macOS is that in Windows, it resize images to fit in page width instead of generating multiple horizontal pages, resulting in an unusable PDF.

So @rfog tell us how you really feel - you love OneNote, huh?



On my Mac, I use Apple’s Screen shot app to direct the “shot” to the “Input” folder used by DEVONthink. DEVONthink pulls in anything there into its Inbox. Later I rename and move them. That step probably can be automated if there is a pattern to automate, but I haven’t bothered to look into that.

And then how do you link or insert your screenshots into your notes?

I don’t do it. DEVONthink does it by scanning the Input folder (as explained above). It’s the Global Inbox. See page 120 of the DEVONthink manual (bottom left).

You can still drag and drop the images into the documents in DEVONthink. In both RTFD and formatted notes, the data is essentially embedded. (And for the pedantic, yes I know, I know… that’s why I said “essentially”. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Which format is the most future proof?

IMHO: PDF, plain text.

I have been around most formats, and I always end in PDF for complex layouts (say, images, etc.) and plain text for simple layouts (currently, markdown, because you really don’t need any parser to read it, and as all new f@shion c00l stuf, md will end sooner or later).