replicants & sync

I use DTTG on an iPad mini for writing notes which I sync to a DTPO database on my MacBook Air. When I do the sync, a replicant for each synced item appears: one in the sync group and the other in main list of all the groups in my database. I delete one of the replicants, then work with the other. (It doesn’t happen in the opposite direction, from DTPO to DTTG.)

Why is this? Since I never use replicants, can I set up sync so that just one of each item appears in the main database?

This is by design. Only the contents of the Mobile Sync folder will sync with DTTG, so the files obviously sync there. However, a User may often not want to continue working directly in the Mobile Sync folder so a replicant is automatically made outside this group. As you edit and move the file around, these changes are always updated in the Mobile Sync folder.

Got it. Mystery solved. Thanks for the clear explanation.