replicate behavior

Some suggestions:

Adding ‘replicate in’ and ‘duplicate in’ to the contextual menus, with a pop-up list of folders. As it is now, I have to select replicate and then move to.

Search only finds one instance of replicated files. It would be useful to have the option of listing all matches, not just the first.

Classification does not use replicated files to define groups. It took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t getting certain folders showing up when classifying items. You can also end up with 2 replicants with different suggested groupings when clicking on the Classify button. Not to mention that the group the file is in may not even show up as a choice for classifying.
This is not necessarily a bad thing, but probably be made explicit in the manual.



Good suggestion!  I can’t remember ever not moving a newly-replicated item to a different group.

The contextual menus of version 1.8.2 will include "Replicate/Duplicate To" submenus (similar to the current "Move To" submenu).

In addition, "Classify" uses actually replicants but the whole classify command could need some improvements. But there are currently lots of other things to add with a higher priority  ;)

I wholeheartly agree with the need to be able to replicate documents or URLs to MULTIBLE folders "on the fly" - not just one at a time as is currently the case with "move to"  (hidden in contextual menus btw). Suggest one or more of the following be considered:

A pull-down menu for "replicate to" with a multible tickbox option for each destination folder currently listed in DEVONthink.

An option to copy the document or URL to multible folders simultaneously in DEVONthink, using the Services menu in the current browser (tickboxes preferred).

An option of shift-clicking multible destination folders for the document or URL (the least reliable option IMO)

For PDF docs allow "printing" the document to selected (multible) folders.  If another way  of getting PDF files into DEVONthink is possible then so much the better.

I think that the power to deliver a document or URL to multible folders simultaneously should be high on the list of enhancement properties for DEVONthink. Extra useful for serendipitous/“haphazard” searches, or for cataloging documents/URLs that address 2 or more topics. I’ve not been able to find one URL/document manager in OS X that allows this very useful feature. DragNet did it beautifully in OS9, and also allowed annotation of invidual URLs in the database. Sadly, DragNet is now defunct.

With the above issues suitably addressed I’d have no problem with a reasonable upgrade fee.

Kerry Bowen

Some of this might be addressed with “smart groups” and metadata, both which are anticipated for future releases.  Dossier has smart folders, and its rendezvous sharing is another compelling feature, but I’m strongly resisting having my “personal database” spread across multiple apps.

Related comments:

Something I’ve really wanted (especially recently) is an easy way to tag items with “priority” flags.  My workaround has been use groups (e.g. “Interesting”) containing replicates.  An alternative would be to use freeform, pseudo-metadata in the Comments field of items, but it’s easier seeing items collected within groups than as comment search results.  Awhile ago I suggested having the capability to create groups from search results; I think (and hope :slight_smile:) that’s somewhere on the future features list.  Also, being able to search with date criteria would be useful.

Without going into details, there are ways to improve the “flow” of searching/filtering, selecting, and grouping that’ll make it less awkward in certain contexts.  Some of that’s already been discussed in other threads.

In reply to sjk … You may have misintepreted what I am proposing, which is that one should be able to drop replicates or new documents etc into multible folders within DEVONthink simultaneously using a pick list of some sort to select the relevant folders (1 through to X) that are already created within the DEVONthink database. I appreciate that my proposal has little to do with the already powerful search and classification capabilities of DEVONthink. Maybe having this extra level of classification capacity goes against the concept and design philosophies of DEVONthink developers but to my mind it would add an extra and much needed dimension, increase the appeal and versatility of an already powerful application and also maybe help to make it a real killer app.

TIA for any feedback from anyone concerning these views

I was just pondering the possibility of what you proposed not being (as) necessary using a combination of smart groups and metadata (if available)… that there may be a different strategy for using DT that could solve your problem just as effectively.  I don’t have time to explain that right now.

Curious – why do you want to add copies of items to multple groups?  I see it being useful with replicates – a single item appearing in several groups (like one song in different iTunes playlists) – but unless you’re modifying the copies it seems the copies might become confusing to manage.

Sorry if that sounds like I’m disagreeing with your idea when really I’m trying to better understand it and maybe learn something. :slight_smile:

To sjk

I’d like to see DEVONthink do what you described with your iTunes analogy; deposit replicates (URLs documents etc) in a number of DEVONthink folders ( related subject categories) simultaneously.  On occasion this can be useful;  “stumbling” across a replicate document that bears some relationship to the original subject under investigation but one that you did not consider when you initially decided what specific topic you wanted to explore can sometimes lead to new insights etc.  Maybe this sounds obtuse, but if you are researching with an open mind and investigating the DEVONlink folder that you have built up on a designated topic then on occasion this approach can be useful - “why didn’t I think of that?” :smiley: