Replicate to and Duplicate to an option in sidebar

It would be fantastic if, in the sidebar that appears when you click the little upside down top hat icon (See also and Classify), you could not only “move to” the suggested groups, but also “replicate to” and “duplicate to” these groups as well.


You can accomplish the same thing almost as easily by right clicking, but I agree that it would be nice to have the functionality in the sidebar with see also.

I realize that, but if you use a lot of folders, you have to cycle through a bunch of sub folders and so on…and once you get DT trained, this would be a great way to distribute to multiple folders straight out of the inbox.

It would be nice to drag/Replicate to a folder in the sidebar. If Option-click brings up the contextual menu and Option drag duplicates, what about using Control/Option-drag to replicate? Why does the Control/Option combo now bring up the same contextual menu as just Control anyway?

Because only Control is being interpreted, as the right-click modifier.

So would my combo key idea even work?

Offhand I can’t think of any apps that use the Control-Option modifier combination. It would likely work but Command-Option seems a more logical choice to me for replication because its used for creating aliases in Finder. These are Finder’s Modifier(s)-drag actions:

Command-drag: Move
Option-drag: Copy
Command-Option-drag: Alias

None of 'em use Control.