Replicate to other databases

This may not be possible, but it would really be helpful to have the option to replicate to other databases, then I could use tags in a better way.

This is not possible.

Just encountered a need to do this, and wondered if it is possible now?
If not, I guess the best workaround is to paste latest version from, for instance, my Geography database, into, say, my History database, and just remember to always update both?

OK, rather than cut’n’paste, it seems I can Duplicate but not Replicate. And, of course, I can kind of see why as it may cause more problems than it solves if we start Replicating between databases. But just wonder if this would be a possibility in the future?

I cannot imagine how this could ever be accomplished. Documents can be duplicated to other databases because each database gets its own, unique instance of the document. As a replicated document has only a single instance residing in one database, the concept would break unless all databases containing the shared (replicated) document were always open at the same time. That would, as you mention, perhaps cause more problems than it cures.

Having said that, you can index documents into a database and duplicate the documents to other databases. The result is the same as if the document were replicated-edit one instance of the document and the changes will be reflected in all the other instances in the other databases. There would be some challenges as to what happens when you want to delete documents, but it is workable.

One workaround is to copy an item link (see Edit menu) and to create a bookmark in the other database. Afterwards you’re able view the original record by double-clicking on the bookmark.

Thanks, Christian, for the helpful tip.