Replicated email threads

I have a list of TO-DO markdown files that each are linked from a MacOS Reminder.
I put each file in it’s own folder and throw emails and PDFs that go along with that TO-DO so it’s all in one place. The markdown file is apace to jot notes about progress and phone calls about the TO-DO.

Frequently one email thread can generate multiple tasks. Each of those tasks gets it’s own TO-DO and folder. For these cases I import the email thread into one folder and replicate it to the other folder. When I do that I notice the top level of the thread is replicate-red but the contained emails are not.

Does this mean that if I import new emails into one of the replicated thread folders it will also show up in the other replicant?
Don’t want to go too far down this road if it leads to total confusion.

A replicant is a replicant, whether group or file. Whatever happens to one instance, happens to all instances.

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