Replicating multiple files with command-option-drag

When you have several files in a group selected and then drag one, that file and all selected files will be dragged to wherever you’re moving them to. It also works that way if you hold down the “option” key to duplicate those files to another location. Standard stuff, works great.

However, when you hold down “command” and “option” when you click to drag the files to replicate them to another location, the behavior is different.

If you try to replicate-drag several selected files, only the file that was clicked on will be dragged. The other files are left in place.

If you have several files selected and then try to replicate-drag an unhighlighted file, that file and all selected files will be dragged.

Could the behavior of selecting and dragging several files when command-option is held down be made to match the way files with no modifiers or just option depressed are dragged?

I can work around the issue by waiting until after I’ve started the drag to press command-option, but I’d rather be able to hold down the modifier keys when I start the drag.

thanks for the suggestion! This is unfortunately the default behaviour of list/outline views of Mac OS X but we might try to improve this in the future. In the meantime you could either press the modifier keys after starting to drag or use the contextual/action menu.

Gadzooks, you’re right. I’d never needed to mess with multiple aliases before, so I hadn’t noticed.

Well…maybe a toggle somewhere? I can see wanting to be consistent with the OS but it’s still silly to have that type of drag inconsistent with others, however good Apple usually is at UI design. I assume it works that way because the check for a command-click (to select or deselect from a list of files) is done before the check for what type of drag is being done (the command-option for the alias).

I do entirely understand if you leave it the same. Now to find someone at Apple to grouse to about it…