Replicating, Obsidian, and DT

Having looked at some previous posts on using DT and Obsidian together, I am curious if this particular workflow would work.

I have 3 DT databases - Areas of Focus, Active Projects, and Archive. If I were to set up Obsidian with that same file structure, I could index each Obsidian folder to the corresponding DT database and then be able to replicate if necessary.

Does this make sense? Is there a different way which would be more effective?

More effective… for what?

I use Obsidian and DT but use only one vault <-> many db’s

I have one vault as well. But since you can’t replicate into different databases I was going to index folders from that 1 vault into the appropriate DT database.

AFAIK you can index the same directory into several databases, but why would you want to ?

I would suggest you dive into your workflow so experts in this forum can guide you better.

If it helps, my structure is as follows (I’m CIO of an hospital for context)

  • 1 DB indexing my corporate OneDrive folder
  • 1 “Main” DB that holds both my knowledge repository (Folder inside Dropbox) and my Obsidian vault (folder inside iCloud Drive)
  • 1 “Archive” DB

I put both my knowledge repository and MD vault in the same DB so that DT can “see” links between the markdown files and the repository. When I inspect files on the repository, I can see incoming links from different MD files.