Replicating problem

I use DT Pro to track my genealogy research. I just ran into a problem where replicating replicates the entire group rather than just the single item in the group.

Here’s the background.

  1. Using DA I download census images into DT Pro as PDF + text
  2. If there is more than one family of interest I duplicate the page as many times as necessary and rename the original and any duplicates in this format - i.e. 1880-Ohio-Henry-Ridgeville-Wolf, Jacob and the next as 1880-Ohio-Henry-Ridgeville-Arps, Herman etc. The name at the end is the only change.
  3. I move each of the images into a group called 1880
  4. I replicate the Jacob Wolf image into separate groups for each family member listed and do the same for the Arps image, etc.

This seems to work fine for 3 images or less in the 1880 group. Once I try to replicate image number 4, the replication process replicates all the images in the group labeled 1880 even though only one of the images was selected.

Any ideas?


could you send a screenshot to our support address showing the selection right before this happens? Thank you!