Reports from the iOS 11 frontline?

I’d be curious to hear of people’s experiences using DTTG on iOS 11 beta. Particularly on an iPad pro.

I may take the plunge but thought I’d check in to see if anyone else had first. If DTTG is a total no-go on iOS 11 I may hold off for a bit. I know if things go totally sideways I can relatively easily revert, but I’d rather avoid installing just to immediately encounter a show-stopper!

Just curious but why do you already want to install the beta? It’s usually not recommended in production environments (except for developers of course)

I have IOS 11 on an iPad Mini 4 and it’s been OK with DTTG thus far. I haven’t formally done much testing, but sync is working OK (sync is via private WebDAV) as is sharing.

There are glitchy things on IOS 11, as you’d expect. Some apps don’t like it. 32-bit apps will not load at all.

  1. Curiosity
  2. Private testing for another party, which isn’t a probably with point OS releases but is a bigger issue with major releases. I’m not the only tester of course but the earlier people can start testing on new versions on new OSs, the better.

Not really a big deal either way!

Great okay, sounds like no immediate DTTG showstoppers, at least not at this point. Thanks!

DTTG is remarkably stable on iOS 11, as @ThatGuy notes. I ended up rolling back to iOS 10 for other reasons.

As usual with betas, please think twice (and then think twice, again) before installing a beta on your devices. Proceed only if you are certain about your ability and competence in rolling back.

Reporting from the frontlines. This is starting to become extremely exciting. iOS 11 supports tags now.

Now if iOS 11 would only reduce the size of screenshots! :wink:

Good to see iOS 10 apps showing up in Files now in Beta 2 (although looks like it’s just bringing up legacy versions of the document provider, which is great as a stop-gap!).

Tags is huge for me. Glad this is being taken seriously in iOS by Apple!

I am running iOS 11 on my iPad Pro. I haven’t done much with DTTG, except sync through Dropbox. Everything seems to be working fine.

What do you mean with “legacy versions of the document provider”? I haven’t found the time to install the iOS 11 beta yet (vacation) 8)

Ha! Indeed, certainly not “legacy” yet… wasn’t sure what adjective to use. I suppose “Currently supported” is correct!

To see the new features in action of course (and I’m a glutton for punishment)!

Apple “public” betas are usually stable enough to “play” with on non-critical devices. I wouldn’t install on iPhone but its fun to tinker with on device that I don’t mind having to restore from backup. And to those who haven’t used public betas and are considering it, I have had to restore several devices while using public betas, so beware :smiley:

That being said, downloaded public beta on 10.5 iPad (yes, its worth it to upgrade from 9.7!).

DTT2G working great so far. I just have to say, DTT2G looks amazing. It looks even better on the 10.5 screen. Scrolling is just so very smooth.

New Files app shows Devonthink To Go (and other apps) as a Location but you can tell that Files isn’t fully baked yet in that there is clearly some functionality they intend to add in the future. I’m exciting to see what they come up with. I am from the Folder hierarchy generation and have been sorely missing it on the iPad.

Edit: As for how iOS 11 works, its just great! Imagine being in DTT2G and realizing you need to add something to Omnifocus, you just swipe up to bring up your dock and then drag and drop OF on the side. It initially just opens up OF as a window on top of full screen DTT2G that you can quickly add something too but you can pull down on top of OF window to goto split screen if you want. This is going to be game changer for iPad users!

Tags in iOS 11 will sync across multiple providers in the Files app.

New DocumentBrowser API

UiDocumentBrowserViewController has automatic Spotlight indexing for metadata, still need to use core spotlight for the content.

Quick Look preview extension
Quicklook supports animated previews like .particles files.

In iOS 11 and macOS, new machine learning based ranker for Core Spotlight.

This is going to be big for DEVONthink on IOS with app integration once everyone moves over.