Repository for plugins, scanner and searchsets?

Hey all

If you are anything like me, you’ll have created a couple of self-made plugins, scanners and searchsets for DA.

Is there any place to exchange these things? At least in the forums this type of activity doesn’t seem to get much attention. Am I missing something?


The forum is currently the best location to post plug-ins. Depending on the quality of the plug-ins and whether they’re of common interest we might also add some of them to the support assistant’s extras so that they can be easily downloaded & installed.

Would it be possible to create a “Share/Post your plugins” section on the forum? I love this idea and have seen it implemented elsewhere (like the keyboard maestro forums for example). This might even help forum moderators discover the best ones based on views/downloads.

This board is actually the recommended place to share plugins - there’s definitely not too much traffic so far :slight_smile: