Reproducible full screen workspace oddity

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create two DT3 windows.
  2. Invoke Apple’s built-in split-view by holding down the green bubble of one DT3 window until visually prompted to choose left or right side, then choose the second window for the opposite side.
  3. Under Go, choose Add… in the Workspaces section.
  4. RESULT: The Workspace naming dialogue box will appear, but you will not be able to type the name.

Well trying your approach it works nicely w/o any issues. The only thing what will not do it, is to arrange the windows side by side. image

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Hmmmmm. I’ll restart and try again. Thanks for the feedback.

I’m using a 27" iMac, in case that makes a difference.

After starting over I was able to create the workspace and type the name in successfully. However, after closing those windows and jumping back to the original non-fullscreen workspace, I can’t get the saved split-view workspace to open again. The first of the two windows appear, then I get the system beep which I’m assuming is because it couldn’t complete the command to open the second window. I’m guessing this is a Mac Mojave Desktop problem, more so than a DT3 workspace problem, but the result is still wonkiness.

as I have said, it will not create the split view but will display two windows which you would need to arrange.