Req: Column to show if document has attachments


Can you add a column to the list view that would show which files contain attachments ? Similar to email programs that have the little paperclip beside emails that have attachments.

I have PDF files that contain attachments and since the internal editor does not show the attachments is it possible to show a paperclip somewhere in the list view so I at least know which PDFs have attachments ?

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Thanks for the suggestion! Is able to handle/display the PDF attachments? If that’s not the case, then Mac OS X’s PDFkit framework doesn’t support this yet.

The Apple Preview app does not support attachments and many other PDF features. Actually it is quite dangerous to PDF files.

See … -for-work/

Is it possible for DEVONthink to use the Adobe PDF Engine as it supports the full set of PDF features including attachments, signatures, forms and a variety of other features ?

Apple’s preview is just too dangerous for PDF files.


No, that’s not possible and not planned.