REQ: new features

When we import PDFs from a Mac server, where some are labeled, say Red, Yellow, or Blue in the Finder, that label is not imported. Is that by design, a bug or a mis-configured preference. Assuming that is by design, then please add this function.


What about a PDF with a sticky note or two? That extra data doesn’t seem to import either into the DEVONthink view of the imported PDfs. Is that normal?
On the assumption I’m not doing something wrong and DT Pro Office 2.2.1 doesn’t capture this info as well, then please consider adding this feature as well in the next update, if possible.

Thanks in advance.

I’d like to see DEVONthink preserve labels on imported documents - but I also see a problem in that labels in DEVONthink can have different colors and labels assigned than labels in the filesystem. Then whose label wins? DEVONthink’s or Finders?

As to importing sticky notes (or other annotations) – DEVONthink does this, but some PDF annotation software (e.g., Skim, PDFpenPro, etc.) can produce non-Adobe-standard annotations and DEVONthink knows nothing about them. How are you creating your sticky notes?

Acrobat Pro 9.x and 10.1 now. Not sure about all the cases. Some files are older. It’s possible PDFpenPro was involved, but they show up in Acrobat Pro 10.1 now.