Req: Record's location in top right strip

Just across from the nicely done file name & other info in the strip on the left side, a request for the record’s (doc’s) location on the right side.


I know it’s already in the info panel, but sure would be nice to have a quick glance up to the right instead of opening the panel.

Thanks for your consideration!

Ditto that.

+1 for featuring my favorite acronym.

I also agree with your recommendation about a breadcrumb sort of doohickey.

Would LOVE to see that. Especially in cases of something like a “duplicates” smart group – I want to know which of the dupes to whack, and it’s a pain to have to use “Get Info” to pull the details. Having this info readily available would be s-w-e-e-t.

Anyone else think DT windows might be getting a bit informationally top-heavy? I’d love a footer status bar to help offset it, and a location path (similar to Leap’s) seems like it would belong there.

In general I’ve never liked DT’s borderless bottom.

Well, it’s done so elegantly, in general I like it in the style as is. Generally, though some apps are implemented in such a hideous way that they are very difficult to tolerate.

I keep my title bar collapsed in almost everything because I. cannot. stand. the big ugly frankenstein forehead up there, but even DTP does that nicely, when the icons are small.

I’d hate to give up any real estate for more boxes scattered around, that’s why I would like the location on that same line, not yet another box or line. But I am somewhat of a minimalist.

So it’s all good for me.

But, OT, what I really want, is for some developer to come up with some kind of hack for all apps that would allow me to blow away the titlebar entirely! Now that would be my perfect window.

How to move the window around? Zoooom, of course! What, you’re not using that already?! :slight_smile:


On my system DT being chinless doesn’t make it fit in well with other browser-style apps. There’s a tough-to-describe imbalance between the large borderless bottom-right portion of a main DT window and the rest of it, especially with certain types of content displayed. It’s not elegant to my eye.

A lot of my documents have fairly long names, extending ~50% (including additional Kind/Size/Modified info) from the left end of the current Info Bar. Adding location info to the right side could make it look cramped towards the middle. Still, it could work and I might like it that way. But my current preference would be a bottom Info Bar, serving this and other purposes.

This topic reminds me of the thread Johannes started on the private beta forum concerning where DT displays different information, which some suggestions. It would be quite apropos to this discussion so maybe he can re-repost it here; I don’t see any beta-sensitive information in it.

I was almost to chime in :wink:
So here are my meditations on the three bars from the beta:

That’s what we have:

  1. Title bar at the top of the window
    It displays the database name and the file name

  2. Main Status Bar (or whatever the official name might be) below the toolbar
    Info on selection or search or file name plus type, size, modification date

  3. Navigation Bar at the top of the Viewer
    The browse arrows, reload button, the url of the file (if any) or destination url, lock and (depending on file type) more buttons like See Also, word-list, keywords, text-view/preview, page up/down etc)

I feel that the way which information is displayed where and when could be improved. Especially the status bar and the navigation bar seem to be not clearly defined in their functions for information display. Both show information that are related to the displayed file and information that go beyond. I feel it would be much mor user friendly to draw a clear line here: What is file should go to one bar, the other things to the other.
In general some information is missing when a search list appears (file-type, size and modification date), some parts take to much space (unnecessary labels), some important information is missing at all (I would like to see the item-location within the database not only in info window).

So my suggestion would be:

  1. The Title Bar
    database and file name is fine here. I would like to see the name of the hoisted group (if any) here (in addition or instead of the database name). This helps in Exposé or in window file list or dock menu.

  2. Main Status Bar
    Here I would display everything that is not related to the displayed file:

  • Info on selection or search (like it is now)
  • destination of a link (Go to „…“)
  • additional system information (like someone suggested elsewhere)
  • all buttons that lead elsewhere (like See Also etc)
  1. Navigation Bar (or better: File Information Bar?)
    Here I would display the file related information only:
  • file location (in database structure)
  • basic properties in condensed form: (rtf, 34 KB, 7.12.2008); labels can be given in tool tip only.
  • statistics in condensed from (36/658/3564)
  • file buttons: lock, reload, back and next, textview/preview

How would these suggestion fit into your workflow?


Thanks for doing it.

Documentation calls it the Info Bar.

I’ll catch up with the rest later. :slight_smile: