[Request] Add option to prepend "insert quote" with `> ` for annotations in Markdown

I make extensive use of the built-in Annotations feature when reading and reviewing PDFs and other documents. In markdown, the pane is a mini DT markdown editor that does the same WYSIWYG-ish formatting.

There is a great feature that allows me to highlight a block of text, and Insert Quote, which not only pulls the text into the Annotations document but also appends the location (page number and back-link) of the source text.

To differentiate between my thoughts and the text that were copied verbatim I add a “greater than” (>) markdown element as the first character of the pulled quote manually (see image).

To reduce more friction it’d be great if DT3 has the option of pre-pending that > (plus one space character) automatically for quote insertion for markdown annotations.

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Thank you for the suggestion, the next release will improve this.