Request: Clip to PDF

I’d like to be able to clip PDF docs from Safari to DTTG but that’s not an available option. I have to convert it to another format and then manually re-download the document when I’m back at my laptop. I’d like if I could Clip to DEVONthink > Format “PDF” when appropriate.

On the off-chance that this is a config issue on my end, here’s how I reproduce the current state of things:

  • View a PDF in Safari
  • Clip to DEVONthink
  • Hit the top-right arrow to select format
  • See options for Bookmark, Web archive, Web Archive with Instapaper, Markdown, Markdown with Readability

For now, I use an app, Convert to PDF, or, Save2PDF, for this. And then send from that app to DTTG. Even faster, is to use iCab Mobile to convert to PDF right in the browser and send to DTTG.

Those are interesting workarounds I hadn’t considered. I’d vastly prefer DTTG handling this automatically, but those should at least have me up and running until then. Thanks!

even better, the feature is now built natively into IOS 10 which came out yesterday

See my post:

If you google “Create PDF IOS 10” you’ll find additional articles regarding this function.

It should also be quite trivial to do this with

Simply create a workflow that creates a PDF of the current safari page and then import with DTTG. Here is a very ROUGH draft of what you could do. Mind you, this could be greatly improved. … b2a245e855

Another alternative which I find works very well, is toggle Safari’s Reading Mode (creates a cleaner view of the web page sans all the adds and added cruft) then share > print and finally use this trick Print to PDF in IOS 10 now available!


To be clear, I’m talking about the specific case where I’m already viewing a PDF in Safari. Use fake-printing to make a new one with the same content isn’t quite the same. For instance, suppose I’m viewing a contract: I want to save that exact file to DTTG, not print that PDF to another PDF that (probably) looks the same.

And, in iOS 10, if you are viewing a PDF in Safari, then you click “More…” in the upper left portion of that display and choose Import to DEVONthink

In fact, iOS 10 remembers the last destination, and if that was DEVONthink then it offers (in the upper right corner of the PDF margin) to open the file in DEVONthink to Go.

(A lot of what’s in iOS 10 makes Workflow a bit more obsolete, IMO)

WHOA! Thanks, korm! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I wish that were a little more discoverable (Apple’s issue; not something DTTG could do anything about) but the functionality is spot on.

Clip to DEVONthink in DEVONthink To Go 2.0.4 will also capture PDFs and images from Safari.

Has anybody found a way to clip a single page pdf on ios just like on the desktop version of devonthink? All the extensions/online services I find seem to create paginated pdfs…