Request: "clipper window" options when capturing *within* DT

The latest version of the “Clip to DEVONthink” extension for Safari & other browsers calls up a very nifty popup “clipper window” that allows me to quickly designate the destination, change the name, verify the source web address, add tags, etc. This is an excellent workflow addition, especially since it remembers the last inputs, so that often no interaction beyond hitting the Clip button is needed - but the options are always there.

Unfortunately, and ironically, the same convenience is not available from within DT. When viewing a web page in the DT browser window, the contextual menu gives me the ability to “capture” it in various formats - but I have no say in how it is named, where the newly-created document is placed, how I’d like it tagged, etc. After creating it, I have to hunt it down (and it might be in one of several locations, depending on circumstances) and then edit as necessary. This introduces aggravation into the process.

Could the clipper window not be made available when using DT’s own browser? Perhaps there could be a preferences toggle for whether or not it appears when using the contextual menu to capture a web page. Since the window is already extant, perhaps it would be a simple (if extremely useful) change to make?

Thanks for a great product!