Request: Create link to a specific point of a mp3 or video

It would be very useful if DEVONthink could create

links to a specific point of a mp3 or video file which is indexed or included in a database.

For example YouTube has this capability. Specifically, lets say that the URL of a video is the following:

and you would like to link to the second minute and twentieth second of it. Then all you have to do in order to create the finer grained link is to add the following string at the end of the previous link:

As a result the final link is:


Yesterday, I learned from this post in Tinderbox’s forum that you can link to a specific time point of a movie using the x-devonthink-item URL scheme. Specifically you can append at the end of the x-devonthink-item URL the string

and the time point in seconds. For example, the URL x-devonthink-item://DB470689-620E-4831-A428-651B08010E3D?time=80 creates a link to the 1st minute and 20th second of the movie which has this URL. I have tested these links with movies in mp4 format.

Unfortunately, the same syntax does not work for mp3 files.

Another possibility is to use the contextual menu command “Copy Frame Link” of movie views.

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Any chance to get a link to a specific point of time in an audio file?

Do you use indexed files located in the folder ~/Music? Otherwise it’s already possible.

Now I see it is working with mp3 and m4a … Is it also possible with .flac files?

Not yet but the next release will support this.