Request: Email attachments directly from within Email progr

Often times, I’m in a situation where I’m responding to an email and I need to attach a document buried in DT database. Since it’s impossible to get to the files needed via ‘attach’ and the Finder, it’s quite a time consuming effort to go to DT export to desktop then attach via Mail.

It would be great if when in the Mail program that I can attach a document and find it via some sort of virtual Finder that is a replicant of the DT folder structure currently in my view.

I’m not talking about emailing from DT, which is fine, I’m talking about being in Mail and needing to attach something at that moment.

Is there any way to create a virtual Finder??? Similar to the sorter or Inbox, where as you can see the Folder structure?

The program Together has something that comes close to what I’m considering, as in their sorter you can have the option of drilling down your folder structure.


You can drag & drop documents from DEVONthink to Mail’s Dock icon. That creates a new message containing the desired attachment(s).

You could use the Groups panel which can be shown via DEVONthink’s Dock menu.

Yes, you’re missing the point. I understand I can create a NEW mail from DT but when I’m ALREADY in a mail program responding to a REPLY,it would be nice to be able to access attachments, that are buried in DT. When I got Attach in a REPLY email, it would be nice to access my DT hierarchy of a database…

I hope that clarified my request. Thanks.

You can drag an item from the DT window and drop it right in the message body, just like you can with Finder. If that’s not what you’re going for, sorry I can’t help, but that’s a 2-second method for attaching a DT item to an in-progress email :slight_smile:

Or if you really need to access the file in Finder for some reason such that Padillac’s solution doesn’t work for you, right-click the item in DT and “reveal in Finder”. That solves the “impossible to get to the files needed via Finder” problem for me.