Request: Fewer steps to manage how text is entered

I would like to use fewer steps to enter (or delete) text.

Before I enter text, the dialog frame has no “right pointing arrow” to set the text type. As soon as I enter text, the arrow appears.

  • Why does this have to appear only AFTER I enter text? The change in UI is confusing for newbies.

  • Why am I REQUIRED to make this next just step to save the text? I cannot just click on a “Save and Close” button. When I click on the X and say “Keep”, the dialog frame to enter text stays in place.

Consistency and clarity would demand having a button to quit, a button to save and close, and (for the text entry) a quick-select pop-menu to choose the format all on the top menu bar at all times.

I also am a bit annoyed to have to battle the “You have unsaved data. …” dialog box inconsistently. Yes, I appreciate being saved from accidentally deleting something. No, I do not appreciate having to use this as a shortcut to bypass the “right arrow – select your text type” dialog and just save + close the window frame.

(DTTG on iPad)


It will enable after typing either a title or some text, otherwise there’s nothing to Save.

Why are you doing this unless you want to stop the note creation?

This is not a shortcut to bypass the mechanism.

Still, the behavior is confusing. The UI should NOT be dynamic here. Perhaps better said …

The UI does NOT have to be dynamic. Being dynamic adds confusion.

Yep. Exactly. I want a more efficient way to A) enter text, save it, close OR B) enter text, decide to cancel, leave (and get warning dialog box).

Why is the option to select the text type not visible before I enter text? I may WANT to choose the type of text before I enter anything. Why is DTTG forcing ONE MECHANISM on me (that itself involves extra steps), rather than allowing me direct (faster) options up front?


deleted; rejected

I agree with the subjections.

It also annoys me that the cursor starts off in the “content” field, but I want to give the note first of all a title, so this is a additional click needed. Finally, when the note is created I have to choose “edit” to edit the (still empty) note that was just created. I actually prefer the behaviour of the Note-app of Apple where you edit the note by just selecting text inside the note.

The title is automatically generated from the text if none is given. And people start off with wanting to write a note, not create a title, so the decision was made to focus on writing content.

This behavior was decided against by the majority opinion of our Users.

I am not so sure about this. I use DTTG especially for making notes during talks given, so the title is the name of the speaker and the title of his paper.

If you are certain about people’s behaviour, why do you supply the opportunity to give a special name at all? You have to admit that starting in the second field is against intuition.

But it isn’t “against intuition”. In your case, it may be, but you cannot make a global judgment based on what you personally find “intuitive”. In fact, for me personally, entering content is first priority, so having the cursor in the body section immediately makes more sense. Also, bear in mind that this mechanism has been in place and used since the betas of DTTG2 and there was never any issue reported by any pool of testers about the way it started in the second section.

This is not about the question “content” vs. “title” but “where is the cursor”. And this should be at the top, everything else makes no sense. I would prefer to have no title field at all than the current implementation.

Actually, I sometimes use a rather old ipad where DTTG sometimes choses to quit when I switch apps. Therefore, I want to make sure that the note as such is saved and ready for input before I start entering content.

I am agnostic on where the cursor starts. Shifting between title, content, and meta-info is an additional click. But this is done on the same screen.

The title becomes the first line of the content. Just write what would be the title for you instead as the first line in the content a voila all is good.

To re-iterate, the problem I have is, to save a note, I have to click on an initially hidden arrow that only appears when something is entered and only after that does a button called “Done” appear. The “Done” button (IMO better to be named Save) and the list option to choose note type should not require extra steps to access (and should not be “hidden” behind a “magic arrow”).

I agree that a note should be auto-saved by default so that any text entered is not lost should a crash occur. But … crashes are the subject of reports to support in any case.