Request for addition to imprint command

I was hoping to implement a more comprehensive Bates numbering schema along the lines outlined in this post but using only the new built in imprinter and custom metadata rather than shuffling documents out to PDFPen Pro as was done previously. To this end I scouted around the applescript dictionary and found the ‘imprint’ command.

The command is defined as

Imprint (verb)

Imprint the record with a configuration defined in the parameters (from [Imprint Commands Suite]


set theResult to imprint reference ¬
font text ¬
position position ¬
record record ¬
size integer ¬
text text ¬
background color color ¬
border color color ¬
border style border style ¬
border width integer ¬
foreground color color ¬
occurance occurance ¬
outlined boolean ¬
rotation integer ¬
strikethrough boolean ¬
waiting for reply boolean ¬
x offset integer ¬
y offset integer

with occurance being the pages where the imprint should occur

Unfortunately the occurance enumeration doesnt allow one to specify a particular page, only a set of page ranges.

This means that it is not possible to imprint text onto a specific numbered page.

This seems like an obvious oversight which would immensely increase the possibilities of the imprint command.

Seeing as this is beta 1, would it be possible to add an additional parameter to imprint to allow imprinting to a specific page rather than a page range?

Really enjoying everything new in DT3 and thanks to everyone in the team for all the hard work including all the documentation and background stuff.


(Sidenote: I have played around with the “Bates Number” placeholder but it isn’t sufficiently flexible to cater for scenarios that require specified starting number, prefixes etc)

Prefixes or suffixes should definitely be possible by simply inserting them right before/after the placeholder.

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It should be possible for us to add a custom occurrence option to the imprint command. You can also set up a configuration in the preferences with a custom occurrence and imprint using that named configuration using the command:

imprint configuration v : Imprint the record with a given imprinter configuration

imprint configuration specifier : the object for the command
to [record] : The image or pdf record to imprint
[waiting for reply boolean] : Wait for reply (default) or perform the command in the background.

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