Request for advice on working as a course planner/project coordinator

Hi, there. I work as a course planner and project coordinator in a college. I work to plan online courses for our students each semester, track the course development progress of our partners, and finally publish those courses to the platform. My work involves creating course planning documents, monitor development progress, post-edit course videos and documents, and finally publish them. You can image I get a lot of work types and file types.
In the past, I’ve changed my file system a lot. But what I really want to learn is a simple system that embraces modern technology. So does my experience ring a bell to you? Do you have any advice on how I could manage course files? Are there anyone who work in a similar condition?

Thank you and best wishes.

I have a lot of ideas and can post more when I’m awake - all my courses start with this: GitHub - derickfay/course-creator: Applescripts for creating & working with syllabi, and a teaching directory template.