Request: implement search functionality in DTTG

I enjoy using DTTG since adopting it on release, but I do miss being able to search a database or the global inbox as can be done in DTPO. I know you can search within a document. I found that in the documentation. It would be great if this functionality could be extended to searching a database, a group or the global inbox.


That’s already possible, just navigate into the global inbox or database and pull the list down to reveal the search field.

Thanks Christian. Great to know DTTG has this search functionality.

I must say this is a bit bracing. As a launch adopter of DTTG 2 and 1, it is worrying to think that I was unaware of this basic functionality after years(?) of use - and continued to not find anything on it after searching this forum - most of the entries returned on search dated back years to version 1. I also checked the index of the current manual and only found references to searching within a document. (Perhaps if i read cover to cover I would have found more, but this search does not feature in the index).

I do wonder if a really good run-through tutorial on functionality would help Devon users and expand the user base. (I just downloaded Things 3 trial - the short intro animation and then the tutorial tasks were impressive). Sorry if I’m missing these resources if they already exist. I am making these suggestions as I’d really like to help grow the user base.


Note: This is the same functionality used by Apple in Mail, Messages, etc.