Request: indexing of Attachments of imported emails

a minute ago I realized that I’m not able to search (or better to find) text within attachments (e. g. PDF) of imported emails. I’m using DT_Pro_Office and the plug-in for on OS X. The emails are shown well within DT, I see the attachments (e. g. PDF), I can open the attachment of course - everything fine.

But, if I do a search for a particular text, lets say “hello” (I now this text is somewhere in one of the PDF attachments) there is no result. If I use Spotlight instead and looking for “hello”, then it finds the email containing that attachment (the email is still in so Spotlight is able to find it).

Is there a chance to get this implemented? (PDF is just one example, it should work with ‘all’ attachments like Spotlight is able to do).

Thank you.


Spotlight is doing a very different thing. It’s not “finding the email in”. It’s finding emails and attachments in the filesystem. DEVONthink also isn’t using Spotlight for searching its databases. It has it’s own index and methods.

Attachments of imported emails aren’t indexed and can’t be searched. Separating them would allow for them to be indexed and searchable.

Perhaps this can be implemented in a future release but it would not be a trivial thing to implement.

Hello All,

Any update on adding this feature? This is a pretty big issue if I’m to use DEVONthink as my main repository for files/email. I hate to say it, but Evernote can do this already, so I’m confused as to why DevonThink, which appears superior in every other way, cannot. Is adding this on the roadmap? Breaking apart the attachment from the email, aside from being a pain, would make following a conversation near impossible.
Thank you,

You might try taking a look here: Separate imported e-mail attachments for better search - #3 by mdbraber