Request: Link-to dropdown list also for wikilinks

One of my favourite features in DT is the “Link to…” dropdown with a list of entries that match your entered text (Edit->Insert->Item Link):

However, this is currently only available for regular links. Would it be possible to launch it also when entering wikilinks? In wikilinks only titles are displayed and I can’t see their containing groups.

I’m using wikilinks more and more but I really miss the wonderful Link to… drop down list.


Thanks for the suggestion. Development would have to assess this.


WikiLinks based on square brackets might be an alternative as this supports autocompletion while typing.

Thanks, yes, I currently use square brackets for wikilinks, but autocompletion only shows document titles. It would be very nice to see the groups and paths they’re in, as it is shown for regular links.

Yup, autocomplete is cool IF I know what name the link-to document has. What if I don’t exactly? That’s why a configurable drop-down list of possible documents would be cool. Maybe just out of certain groups, or for certain files like markdown etc.

On the other hand, setting up a shortcut to open “Bearbeiten->Einfügen->Verweis…” gives me what I was looking for.