Request: Monospaced Font


I can find no way to change fonts in DTG, so I am assuming that it cannot be done.

That being the case, I would like to make a bid for font options, in particular a monospaced font. I have a large-ish database of text files, the vast majority of which were formatted to be best viewed with a monospaced font and looking at them with the DTG default font is less than ideal.

Is this within the realms of possibility for the future?


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Currently, you can’t change the font of plain text files. This may be a feature of the next major version of DTTG.

I’d like to voice support for this, too.

I have user-loaded fonts on iOS that I would dearly love to render text documents with — clutter-free web archives and markdown files — and I would love to do this with local fonts.

That said, even being able to specify a style sheet — local or remote — where I could set HTML-wide font preferences (for clutter-free web archives) as well as rendering options for the markdown files (headings, monospace, body, etc.) would be great.

Anyway — you know best about implementation details — I’d just love the feature. As a web designer, I’d be quite happy to roll my own CSS file, but many wouldn’t.



Yes to this! I store music tabs in DTG for when I don’t have internet, and DTG messes them up with a non monospaced font.