Request: "One-tap" downloading of all items in a Smart Group (e.g. All PDFs)


I use on-demand sync on DTTG and would like to test if I can adjust to a Bonjour-only setup. Love the reliability and speed.

Therefore, I want to ensure that all PDFs across my main database (including new ones added since the last sync) get downloaded before I leave home.

Would it be feasible to implement a “Download” menu item just as it is available for regular groups, when users click on a Smart Groups? Then one could just download contents of the “All PDFs” smart group without needing to remember, where in the database the new PDFs have been added.

The “Not Downloaded” smart group doesn’t suffice for my scenario, since I have a lot of files other than PDFs. So I would need to scroll through the whole list and manually select items.

Contextual menus aren’t implemented for global smart groups.
This is the only request of its kind, but I can file a feature request.

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Thanks. Maybe it would be useful for others as well.

In the meantime, I realized it should be possible to set up a smart rule in DT on Mac to replicate everything I want to keep on my iOS devices to a “mobile sync” group.

If I set that group to download always rather than on-demand, then this should address a lot of what I was hoping to do with the one-tap feature.

I will be testing, whether the download for this folder actually triggers on its own with the screen off and DT running in the background, or whether it’s necessary to open DT. If it’s automatic (within a couple minutes), then that would be superb

Sync doesn’t happen if the device isn’t awake.
Also, Background App Refresh is controlled by iOS, not the application. This means is could sync when DEVONthink To Go isn’t in the foreground, but there’s no way for us to guarantee it.

Alright, got it, thanks.

As mentioned, the smart rule + replication solution should be able to address my use case.

Will just need to build the habit of opening DTTG and initiating a sync before leaving the house