Request suggestion: Note taking app on ios

At first this question may seems strange in this forum, but I explain:

  1. I need to find one “note taking” app for ios that works synchronized with DT with “tag” ability;
  2. My first hypothesis was “Ulysses”. On mac version everything is ok (using external folder) but the ios version doesn’t work with “external folder” (only “external file”). No Dropbox sync. The app works with an hidden icloud sync and no access to internal folders/files
  3. I’m interested in using an ios app that allows me to work with tags recognized on mac (and DT, of course) and synchronized/indexed via Dropbox or similar (file format: .md, txt, rtf or similar).
  4. In short, something that works like Ulysses but with the ability to sync/index with DT.

You might want to look into Notebooks (by Alfons Schmid), which can sync with Dropbox, and those Dropbox folders can be indexed in DEVONthink. (No tags.) Notebooks is an excellent iOS companion for DEVONthink, great editor, and plays well with other iOS apps.

Here’s a related tip from Greg Jones for working with Notebooks:

Another, simpler, option is Write, which can also sync with Dropbox.

Hi korm, thanks for your reply.

Considering your second suggestion - Write - I found some interesting features mentioned on the app website.
Here, about the ios version, they mention this:
«Full Tag Support.
Organise your notes efficiently by tags.
And if you have Write for Mac installed on your computer these tags will also be saved and available under Mavericks Finder.»
Here, about the mac version, they mention this:
«All Tags Available in Finder
Any tag you add via Write for iOS or Mac will be added to Finder. Now find your note easily even when Write is closed.»

What can I conclude about this?
Considering that the two versions of Write (ios and mac) synchronize with Dropbox, there is any way to index that files to DT with the mentioned “tags”?
Considering the transcriptions, I deduce that if the notes are opened with Write on mac, then their tags are automatically added to the osx system! This can work on one way: Write ios > Write mac > index on DT. But the reverse may not work (for example, edit the file and correspondent “tags” on DT): DT > Write mac > Write ios!
From one side, it seems that the way to the OS X recognize tags created on ios is through the mac version of the app - how this work?
But the reverse is not clear!
Any idea?


Write appears to be abandoned by the developer, so take that into consideration in your decision.

Hmm. That’s too bad. I still like it – had it for years – but if it’s on the slow road out of town then it’s not worth investing in. Recommending apps is a losing proposition sometimes :unamused:

Well, thanks anyway.

A last hypothesis:
Considering that Ulysses isn’t scriptable, in any circumstances is possible to sync files between “iCloud” folder and “External Folders”. But with Evernote, there is any possibility to synchronize DT and Evernote?

  1. From EN > DT
    In DT we can find the feature “Import from Evernote”. This work with “tags” added on EN? Or the Veritrope script is more complete?

  2. From DT > EN
    In DT pro extras we can find the the script “Export to Evernote”! This work with “tags” added on system/DT? Or, once again, the Veritrope script is more complete?

Sincerely I think this a very forced solution with many risks.
Maybe the only solution is the return to Ulysses: notes created on ios app are moved manually on osx app from the “iCloud” to an “External Folder”. This allows me to work only in one way: from iPad to Mac, preserving the atributed tags when the note is created.

Thanks for your time.

The Soulmen have hinted that Ulysses iOS will eventually support Dropbox as an external file source (similar to what it does now with OneDrive), but it cannot now support directly editing documents in Dropbox (which is what it does with iCloud) because of limitations that only the Dropbox developer can change. At least, that’s their .

Anyway, what I do is have an folder in Dropbox ("_Ulysses") that I register as an External Folder in Ulysses on the Desktop, as an indexed group in DEVONthink, and as a external folder in the Editorial app on iOS. It’s too much trouble in Ulysses iPad to move files back and forth to Dropbox, which is why I use Editorial instead. You could use other iOS apps (e.g., Write, but let’s leave that one alone for now).

Thanks korm for your suggestion.

Allows me one basic question (i’m a newbie in this matters): with that app - Editorial -, if I edit a file (e.g. in a Dropbox folder) already ‘tagged’ on DT or Ulysses on mac, these tags remained intacts pos-edit?

The problem would also be solved if DevonThink could index the iCloud files that contain the Ulysses sheets and their “keywords” or tags. Any chance that such indexing of iCloud will be possible in the upcoming MacOS Sierra?

What about DEVONthink To Go?
What is it missing to solve this question / suggestion?

Just a minor update. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but it’s now possible to index Dropbox folders in Ulysses for iOS. This means that if you enjoy editing in Ulysses, you can continue to do so and then have that folder indexed in DTTG.