Request: support relative links in HTML documents

I would like to use Tinderbox to export a personal wiki, and then index it in DEVONthink so I can take it with me on my iPhone. The Mac app seems to support relative links in indexed HTML documents, but the mobile app does not.

It used to support “downward” relative links, but as of 2.1.7 does not

I would like upward and downward links to work:

worked some time before 2.1.7, doesn’t work in 2.1.7

never worked in iOS app – would really like it to

DEVONthink iOS has the potential to make it easy to take personal websites / wikis anywhere I go… for that to work, it needs to support upward and downward relative links for indexed HTML pages.

This is a good fix to make if DEVONtech can do it.

Syncing “web sites” made with Tinderbox, Curio, VoodooPad (yes, some of us still use it LOL), and others, from DEVONthink to DEVONthink to Go is a good use case.

I hope this issue with relative-links can be fixed soon. 8)

I support the request. I would also welcome a fix to this issue.


Downward-relative links should work in the most current version. Don’t they?

Yes, downward works as expected still.