Request: support to get or set database item for "Append"

I extensively use the Append Rich Text command from the Services Menu – usually to record many independent snippets from a web page or PDF to a single item in DT. But my workflow often gets interrupted/forked and a disconnect occurs.

Would it be possible to expose to AppleScript the target database item that is used by the Services Append command? It seems that DT must store that address internally. I browsed the scripting dictionary but couldn’t find anything.

This would enable user to reset the DT item to which next Append action(s) will go.

Alternatively, a new Services Menu command “Append To…” that presents a DT picker.

Could I achieve this functionality with Automator?



The rich text handling of AppleScript and Automator is limited, therefore this is probably not possible. But another possibility might be to take rich notes and to merge them afterwards.

Certainly, that is the cumbersome process I’m currently using… :frowning: