Request to add Theme Support

I’m a big fan of doing everything I can in DevonThink, however when it comes to writing/note taking it would be a better user experience to have themes available to soften the writing experience. I’m thinking something like the dark theme in SublimeText or ByWord.

Along with this the ability to zoom in/out on text without changing the actual font size is another feature request. I’m sure you are working on these ideas - just throwing in my thoughts.


This is already possible via View > Zoom In/Out.

You can also create your own dark theme for text documents when in the full-screen document mode (View>Full Screen>Document). The preferences for this are set in Preferences>Editing>Full Screen. Not quite as nice as having themes that work with any window size, but it is available. Personally, I just open the text documents in my default editor where I do have access to themes, and other text editing tools that are not in DEVONthink.