Requesting adding additional spots to move the editing bar and many other requests

Hi Devonthink fans and team
Not really a topic here more of opening a support ticket.

As seen in the photo attached, the editing bar on the right is blocking the text behind.
Usually most PDF documents can be resized to ignore this problem. There are some minor documents without a margin to which I am working with such as in the photo.
I could move the editing bar right to left after reading each sentence. That is a good work around abet a little tedious.
Then again I can always read it in horizontal mode. But that would bring up double page view mode and my 2017 iPad pro would lag. Bringing up the left side bar would change it to single page views. (btw nothing else can change it to single page view while in horizontal mode.) The same issue with margin being too small and editing bar would block the text.

Maybe enabling the bar to drag and stick it to the bottom or top. Or have minimize functions like those drawing apps, that would be great. Adding a pen function would make it all the better. Using pen as needed while using finger to scroll next page.

Also, is it possible to add a bookmark? I find apple books a great example to start with. Keep all there is devonthink have and add more functionality to it without too much burden.
The thing is I have the tendency to tab the top to change my song but the app responsed by bringing me to the 1st page of document. With a bookmark I could jump back. It’s frustrating if I am in the middle of the book and it jumps back to 1st page.

Next is the keys to upgrading devonthink to go at all. I would like to create quotes out of the books I’ve read. Saving quotes and then sync it to my mac database. With all the tags included like: from what book, which page, etc. All automated.
Currently, I can copy selected text then select share and clip it back to devonthink, then add any desired tags.
I would like to request a feature to link the created text back to the page in the book. All while automatically adding which page and documents it was clip from.
Almost like a zettelkasten feature.

That’s all.
I love how anything done within editing syncs all everywhere.
Have fun out there guys.

I don’t plan to dig deep through the forest within the forum. I know many features are “soon” to be added.
Just want to cement some of my thoughts to add to the updates on the next cycle.
I can wait. I’m not going anywhere. I don’t think I will.

Welcome @Roald

The PDF functions are under the control of the developer of the framework we use, but the request are noted.

The quoting would depend on the application you’re in, but if it supports the Share menu it may be possible. The info sent to DEVONthink, if possible, is controlled by the application you’re sharing from.

Also, in Split Screen it may be possible to select text and drag and drop into DEVONthink. But it depends on the application you’re dragging from.

Thank you glad to be here @BLUEFROG

Good to know drag and drop works in split screen. That makes things closer to having a seamless experience. I just tried with standard notes and it works fine. Transferring the notes with metadata from StandardNotes back to Devonthink should work.

Previously I’ve avoided drag and drop to the side bar. I’ll need to find the folder to put the notes in then convert the note in to rich text. After that, I would need find where I left off in the book. Very tedious.
Did a few times then realized I can just share and clip.
I learnt and things just gets easier and better. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: