Requesting: Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Inside a Folder

Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the arrow keys to highlight the folder you want. To move into the selected folder, press Command (⌘) + Down Arrow. To back out of that particular folder, just press Command (⌘) + Up Arrow.

Can we please have this for DT?

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The features are there, but they’re bound to cmd-opt-up and cmd-opt-down respectively. (They’re in the Go menu under Enclosing Group and Selected Group.

Obviously, you can rebind them in System Preferences if you want (though that may mess up cmd-up/down in the editor pane).


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This is helpful – but as far as I can tell – that only allows movement (using the keyboard) between the Top and Enclosing group?

Personally, I would find it incredibly useful were one able to toggle ‘focus’ between the sidebar, and the the ‘main’ window (i.e. what is not the sidebar, not the inspector, and not the document ‘preview’ window) using the keyboard.

Once that focus is ‘active’ on/in the sidebar, being able to use the up/down keys to move the selection, with “enter/return” or something similar to ‘select’ that group, and then ‘open/display’ its contents within the ‘main’ window, would be incredibly useful.

@cgrunenberg >> Criss, would something like this be at all possible?

You’re right, it’s useful – and it works anywhere the focus is (even in the Inspector), and it will walk you up up and down the folder tree no matter how deep you’re in. If you’re at the top of the tree, another cmd-opt-up will take you to the first group in the list (if you weren’t there already), if you’re at the bottom of the tree, one more cmd-opt-down takes you to the final document in the group. I think that’s nicely thought out.

I too would like keyboard access to the Sidebar – but I think Criss has already said that this is being considered (along IIRC with multiple selections from the Sidebar and a ‘file only view’)