Requesting removal of DA Metal windows

Please consider removing the metal look-and-feel to DEVONagent as it does not feel that it belongs side-by-side DEVONthink. I’m told DEVONagent 1.5 will be released soon and am hoping someone would get tired of having each app look inconsistent with each other.

I realize this is a rather esoteric request, but we are running OSX and Apple has a published HIG (which sometimes they ignore) but in an effort to make DEVONtechnologies’ products feel more consistent with the OSX experience I am requesting this feature.

Still some metal left in v1.5 but at least browser windows now use Aqua (and therefore it’s easier to distinguish them from Safari’s windows). Maybe the remaining metal will be removed in v1.x (not sure about that yet).

Ah well if people are torn between metal or aqua, a user preference would be nice, doesn’t always have to be one way or the other. You can mod Safari to do either and PathFinder (finder replacement) supports metal or aqua in user preferences as an example.

Just switching between Aqua and metal usually doesn’t look that good, IMHO - both looks need some fine tuning.

I’ve started using DT, and also tried DA a few days ago.
I have to agree that the metal interface looks a little out of place.

Preference to remove metal would be great!

  • I have to agree. Recent change to ‘search sets’ window cleaner, and Apple appears to be dropping metal for the mail/itunes interface (which imo is also cleaner). Small stuff but some of us are staring at this all day long. :wink:

There’s only one window left in the current beta using still brushed metal - so it’s almost done :wink:

Is the removal of metal still on the to do list for DA? The search window is still metal.
I’d like to bump that one again. :wink:

Just upgraded my license to 2.0 today. Congrats :slight_smile:

I know it’s nitpicking but that brushed metal - anywhere - can really irritate, and there it is still. How about it, Christian?

My MacBook Pro was delivered this afternoon.

Guess what? It’s brushed metal. Don’t know about the Search Set panel, but the MBP looks neat. :slight_smile:

It’s on still the list.