Reset Devonagent PRO

So after having harassed some of you with questions for DTPO I have now started to use my other Devonapp - Devonagent PRO. Seems to be a powerful search tool.

BUT I screwed up something in my initial playing - even if I did watch the tutorials on YOUTUBE.

When I searched i.e. On my own name, I get Files: 78 (11.1MB) Results: 0

When I do another search I get Files: 4 (360.6KB) Results: 1

I want to see all files, even files I have searched for earlier. I have emptied the cache twice.

How can I reset DA to its factory settings?

Or maybe rephrase the question - If there is 88 files and 0 results - how do I gain access to the found 88 files meaning unfiltered, unmask just reveal all 88 found.

This is not the purpose or point of DEVONagent. You can check the Log and Settings for a search but if you just want unfiltered results, just would use your preferred search engine.

Found the log now and can see that a lot of things, mainly duplicates were sorted out. Will play with it for another week and try to learn. Tutorial on youtube excellent.

Thanks for very fast support!

Have been playing with DTAPRO for some days and you are fully correct - the search results that are filtered out (after I did the settings right) are just rubbish.

So it CAN actually replace Google and Duckduckgo that I normally use.

Love the function that you can go further down and crawl in to links on a homepage in layers. VERY competent app.

Now we are just waiting for OSDT - Operating System DevonThink to REPLACE OS X and iOS in general :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha! Nice.

Yeah - DEVONagent is NOT just a search engine. It’s also not ideal for little one off searches that we commonly do. “What’s a good Korean restaurant in the metro Detroit area?” or “lamborghini aventador price” is better suited to Siri and Google. :mrgreen:

Nope but I use TripAdvisor or Siri for that.

Just realized that I shall INCLUDE .pdf in my search and also set the max size for a document higher than the “factory setting” 1024.

Just a fantastic app - if Google returns 28 pages, you never get further than maybe page 4 then you get bored - DevonAgent does that work for you and present ONLY the relevant stuff. Hope Google will not buyout DT! This is what Google lives from - hidden ads I think and keywords that does not lead to any relevant data.