Reset text to default formatting

Is there a way to just remove the formatting of the entire note, or selection so that it defaults to what is in the settings?

For example the iOS app does not have any default formatting settings, so it creates black text, which is not visible in the MacOS app when using the dark mode theme.

When creating a new note in the MacOS app, it respects the format settings so that the text is black/white depending on the background.

What kind of notes do you use? E.g. rich text or formatted notes?

Formatted notes.

I found a recent thread (this forum does not allow me to post with links…???) which needed to create something like 7 different scripts to automate formatting.

It would be great if there was some way to do this extremely basic task without custom scripting.

New forum users are restricted initially, after few posts posting images or links is possible.

But is this essentially what I need to do?

Is there no way to reset formatting to “default” vs. using a script to set the font/size/color to the same values as whatever the default is set to?

No, there’s no command to reset the formatting. However, you can select the text via Command-A, then press Command-T to open the Fonts panel and change the font attributes.

IMHO, assuming that your notes haven’t linked to various files in DT and the notes are processed in macOS, a possible solution is to either:

  1. Convert all notes into markdown in one go. The notes will all start as plain text, and can have consistent format in the future by choosing different style sheets.
  2. Convert all notes to rich text format in one go. Then it’s easier to use AppleScript (one script) to change the font face, font size, line and paragraph spacing, background, and color of the entire text content of each/all notes (I just tested to change these properties by AppleScript). But if you want to change the individual paragraph, that will be very tricky.

However, all of the converted notes will have a different item-link identifier and all existing links will be broken. And please check with the DT’s support if you are considering this…


This does not seem quite right.

There must be some kind of default formatting because when reading my formatted notes on iOS, there is a default font/size/color (Times?, black) that it appears in. However when I view the exact same formatted note in Mac OS the entire note appears in the font seen in Preferences > Editing as you listed.

The result is that formatted notes on Mac OS appear in one font, and on iOS it appears in another font.

When creating the formatted note on iOS, the note is created with hard-set font, size, color, etc. so that notes cannot be read when using the dark mode in Mac OS. This font is not possible to set on iOS.
However when a formatted note is created in the Mac OS app, it appears in the preferences font setting, and appears in Times on iOS.

  • This many different places and ways to set the font is unclear and kind of a mess
  • The app does not use the Mac OS dark UI mode properly so notes created in iOS cannot be read on Mac OS

Evernote offers a very good feature 「simplify formatting」that I think can be referenced.

Evernote and DEVONthink are completely different animals! :wink:

I agree, but that doesn’t mean that some of Evernote’s great experiences that DEVONthink can’t borrow from at all.

The interesting question is: what font did you set in DT’s preferences in macOS? If it is one that is not avaiable on iOS, DTTG has no choice but to choose a replacement font. Which seems to be Times Roman.

So, in a first step, it might help to use a font on macOS that is available on iOS, too.

You could run a script on it that removes all style attributes. Which is no fun. Then you’ll end up with the default settings of the browser you’re seeing the note in. Which in turn does not mean that it’ll look the same on every platform.

Also, what you really want is not very clear. Of course, text created in DT is in the default font. But you can change the font of every single character to your liking in DT, too. Now, “reset the text to default formatting” should mean what: Changing all font settings? Or only those that deviate from the default? Does that also include things like bold, italic, size changes, colors?

The problem with formatted notes, in my opinion, is that the generated HTML is a bit old fashioned (to be friendly). In order to make editing simpler (i.e. to permit the user to set text attributes like bold, size etc. easily on selected text), they add style attributes to the relevant text parts. This is … less then elegant, because it does not permit to easily change the attributes. But it is the easiest way to provide for simple editing.

Frankly, I’d use MD with an external stylesheet. That you can tweak to your liking and it is available on all platforms (i.e. in DT and DTTG). But also in this case you have to make sure that the font is available on both platforms.