Resetting Group Structure

I’ve almost got accustomed to the new interface of DT3, and it’s really far better than in DT2 for me, but one thing still makes me lost in my DT workspace… – group structure view resets after the drill-down in other group (same as in DT2).

How to simulate it:

  1. Choose some group in the Sidebar (Group 1)
  2. Drill-down to some group in the upper view (build some “working drill-down group structure”)
  3. Change to another group in the Sidebar (Group 2).
    You may click any file or group inside here, and if you try to return to Group 1 in the Sidebar, DT will restore the same drill-down group structure in the view pane, which you made in step 2, what is very good.
  4. Now change to Group 2 in the Sidebar and try to expand or collapse any group there (in the upper view pane), i.e. change somehow its drill-down group structure in the upper view pane, and it will automatically reset the drill-down structure of Group 1.
    This means that when you return to Group 1 (click it in the Sidebar), all groups there will be reset (collapsed)… And you will have to build it again from the start.

The question: is it possible to make DT to remember the “working drill-down group structure” for each group you choose in the Sidebar?

This would be very useful, esp. for those who work with groups as tags.

Thanks for the feedback! Maybe expanding the group structure in the sidebar could be an alternative? Or what’s the actual purpose of the expansion?

I use this alternative now.

  1. Sidebar does not have a horizontal scroll. If you have some deeper group structure or longer names - it becomes unreadable.
  2. Sidebar does not show files (groups only). I need to see simultaneously the contents of open groups, right sorting and etc.

When you sort new articles to the topic structure, you need this structure “configured in the right way” for the current task, see if this article is already there, see which are already there. It helps to organize and reorganize content by groups-tags. You open or close groups to have the max info at the min space, and this structure evolve with process.
Then you understand that you should do smth in other folder, and when you are back, you see that all group structure is reset (

Well, I can find a kind of workaround, like opening new windows or using workspaces, if it is too hard from the programming point to make an option for group to remember its structure. But it would be still a workaround…

Thanks for the reply, noted. We’ll try to improve this in upcoming releases.

Thank you!
This would rock! ) A combination of groups-tags, replicants and annotations is a really powerful tool for the first-touch collecting analysis.

But a horizontal scroll in the sidebar wouldn’t be redundant too