Resizing images within an rtf

Hi all. I found a couple of old threads on resizing images inside an rtf, but I wonder if many years alter someone figured an easier way of doing it. What I have been doing, to say a png inside an rtf in DT, is double-click it, which launches Preview, and there issuing an image resize dialog. Now that works sometimes, sometimes not. has anyone had the need, and figured out, an easier way to click an image inside an rtf and resize it, say, just, “50%”? - many thanks!

In what situations has it not worked? Reproducibly?

PS: We use the same text engine as TextEdit which also does not support any kind of live resizing of attachments in-application.

Thanks Jim - I will try to look at the situations where it works/doesn’t.

TextEdit - got it - tx!

Usually more tractable to work in the pattern of:

rtf -> html -> modifiedHTML -> rtf

HTML does not allow for image resizing.