Resolving Duplicates ...

In my database (3000 docs) i’ve got many many false duplicates.
For instance many of my mails are marked as duplicates but they are not.

So many false duplicates turns this feature unusable.

DT need a way to mark docs present in the duplicate/replicate section of the “Info” panel as “not a duplicate” would be an amazing evolution…

Which edition/version do you use? Did you import/index .emlx or .eml messages?

Pro Office, last version.
I imported messages.

Could you send some false duplicates to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks!


I have found a relatively simple method to eliminate the duplicate file issue. My case involved using weekly timesheet submittal PDF files as they were from my employer’s website. For whatever reason, certain weeks would create a duplicate with a previous week’s PDF.

What I did was to delete all the duplicates and then one by one add them back by following this procedure:

1 - Open the original PDF in Preview
2 - Print from Preview
3 - In the Print dialog, use the PDF pull down menu in the lower left of the dialog box
4 - Choose the ‘Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro’ option

You will find that none of the files are duplicated any longer.

Note: If I did the same with Acrobat Pro (shipped with my ScanSnap), this process DID NOT work!