"Restore Tabs" functionality on the horizon at all?

This seems to be a topic that has come up from time to time over the past decade, but I wonder if it might have new relevancy in the context of DT3.

I usually work between multiple tabs, something that helps me keep an eye on the various projects that are “on my desk” at any given time. At the occasional MacOS or DT crash, these tabs disappear, just like with e.g. Chrome when there’s a crash/restart. I’m curious if, like Chrome, there is any possibility of a “restore tabs” feature for future versions of DT3?

Obviously this isn’t a “bug” in DT3, but it’s always such a drag to sit down at my computer (like this morning) to discover that it restarted overnight on its own, and know that I’ll lose some chunk of time trying to reconstruct what my workspace had been before the crash.

Sorry but there isn’t such a feature.
Technically, you could set up a workspace via the Go menu, then update it occasionally.

PS: Have you done any maintenance on or had someone look at your Mac?
Spontaneous reboots are never a normal thing to occur.

Thanks for letting me know! The tabs that I’m using change pretty frequently, so a (semi-)static workspace wouldn’t help me out of the bind totally. A “recently opened” smart folder is a hacky but functional enough workaround.

re: PS—“Spontaneous” might be an exaggeration. My desktop (<3 mo old) restarted “because of a problem” last night after it had been put to sleep.

You’re welcome!

Good to know it’s not a common and ongoing issue.