Restoring ghosts from Backblaze backup

I have 150 ghosts that DTTG can’t restore, because I torched the V2 application after the initial sync with DTTG3. Fortunately I have a handy-dandy Backblaze backup of the entire folder structure, which I’ve selectively restored to a new folder.

Pretty much all the files are in a single database. Can I just unpack the old database over the current database with the missing files? Or if I know there aren’t any changes, can I just torch the current database and replace it with the old one?

Anything special I’d need to do in order to force DT desktop to update the sync store?

I’d prefer to not manually restore 150 items. :slight_smile:

Yes you could restore the entire database, replacing the current one.

While I can’t answer most of your questions, I just wanted to point out something about Backblaze in case you’re not aware of that.
They don’t back up most metadata. So restoring from that Backblaze backup will result in all dates, like creation or modification date, as well as things like tags, Finder comments and any custom metadata to be lost. Your whole database structure will lose its history and potentially more.
Time Machine backups would be better if you have them, because they include metadata and tags.
Arq backup also includes metadata and tags. I use both Arq and Backblaze, but I only restore from Backblaze when I can afford to lose everything about the file, but the file itself.

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Good to know. We use Time Machine and Arq mostly in here, generally speaking.

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I’m fine with that in this case, but that’s really good to know. I can imagine situations where I absolutely wouldn’t be okay with it. Thanks!

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That’s incorrect if I understood previous comments regarding ghost files correctly.

The DTTG2 data store remains intact as long as either DTTG2 or DTTG3 are installed. I.e. if you remove DTTG2 while DTTG3 is installed the DTTG2 data store is available for DTTG3. Only if you delete both, than iOS cleans up.

Please keep in mind this is what I understood from the comments here, as I obviously do not have the details the developer has.

Edit - Source: DTTG 3 is corrupting files - #134 by eboehnisch