Restricting search to a single website

I have a website I search a lot as it has conference proceedings going back over 25 years - a goldmine of useful papers. I’m trying unsuccessfully to set up a search that is restricted to that one site. More specifically to the ‘past conferences’ page and the sub-pages that sit under it with the proceedings for each past conference.



You could either use the Google plugin and append to the search term. Or you could create a search set, add the URL of the website to the Sites tab and set following of links to e.g. on the same host or in subdirectories. In this case DEVONagent will crawl the website on its own.

Thanks for the prompt reply but no luck.

Option 1: I ‘clicked’ the google plugin, used the following query AND health. Returned no results

Option 2: used health as my query, set follow links to ‘on same host’ added site Returned no results

I’m only just coming to grips with search sets so no doubt am doing something very stupid - but what?



Try (and inspect) this one…

Note: Some entries may be “Too big”. You can increase the Max. Download size to 4096KB or so.
System (1.35 KB)

Thanks - it works. All I need to do now is, as you say, inspect it and work out what is different.

Thanks for your help and VERY prompt reply.



No problem. Notice that the URL you provided was not the URL of the assets you wanted. I used the assets URL to search.